As a Provider Affiliate, this page will be your single source for all you need to make the program successful. The goal of this program is not only to earn referral bonus payments for your practice, but to transition your patient base from a vision plan that pays less every year to Vision Care Direct who is dedicated to paying you fairly.


Download or order resources to promote Vision Care Direct to local businesses in your community. All of our materials will drive people to web links where we will make sure you get credit for the lead and when we sell the account, you will earn your Referral Bonus. 


Download the Vision Care Direct logo in JPEG, PNG and PDF formats.

Display this logo on your website to let your patients know that you recommend VCD.


Share this flyer with leadership of local emplyoer groups and your patients to show that you stand behind VCD.


Place this brochure in your office for patients who are looking for a vision plan or payment plan.


Register for your offiice agent code to earn a referral overide for every member you sign up with VCD. Patients love the program because they can split payments up over a year but get their glasses today - from you, their trusted doctor.


With this code, memberes can sign up for VCD with a 10% discount. We will also pay you 5% of every payment that member makes to VCD. Use this program as a interest fee payment plans for your patients, enabling all of your patients to get their exam and materials, from you, today.


Do you know a local business that would beneft from Vision Care Direct? If you can help us set up a meeting, we will send a representative that will work with the company on putting in place a vision plan that benefits the employer, the employee, while paying you fairly.



When calculating Referral Bonuses we will take the first month's premium bill to the new company, annualized it, and multiply the total by 3%.  In polling doctors interested in this program, the majority said they would prefer one larger check upfront instead of monthly checks for each referral.  Here is an example bill for Oral Roberts University.  Member names have been redacted.

In this Example; the monthly bill for member premiums is $4,798.46.  If we annualized the bill we get $4,798.46 x 12 = $57,583.20.

Next, we multiply the annualized amount by 3% equals a Referral Bonus of $1,727.50.

What happens when more than one doctor turns in a Referral for the same local business?

If we have several doctors referring the same business we will defer on a case by case basis, but generally to whichever doctor submitted the most qualified lead first.