Answers to commonly asked questions

Is there a specific lab that doctors have to use with Vision Care Direct?

VCD does not force doctors to use a specific laboratory when filling patient prescriptions. We believe that doctors should have the flexibility to use the  products and materials they feel are best for them and their patients.  Vision Care Direct does have preferred vendors that they have negotiated preferential pricing with that we can share with you to help you maximize profitability and still provide state of the art lens designs.

What’s the difference between a PLUS provider and a standard provider?

A Vision Care Direct PLUS provider has agreed to enhance the normal benefit that all members receive with VCD.  When members see a PLUS provider and their  company has a PLUS plan, members can receive standard anti-reflection coating at no additional charge on any lens type. In addition to this, if a patient is a multi-focal wearer they can also receive standard digital progressive lenses at no additional charge.  PLUS providers see more VCD patients and can increase their profitability on those patients through increased unit sales. Talk to your VCD rep about how we can help you as a PLUS provider see more patients and add dollars to your bottom line.

What is the  “flexible exam benefit” and how do members access it?

VCD is the only plan that offers the flexible exam option. This allows our members who may have exam coverage through their major medical plan or other vision plan to still receive benefit from their VCD exam coverage.  You can file for this benefit on your patient’s behalf and it gives them an additional $65 to use for copays, lens upgrades or frame upgrades at your office. This additional benefit is designed to help you provide an enhanced level of products or services and is not designed to provide a refund or cash benefit.  

Will employees receive ID cards to present at their eye doctors offices? 

Members ID cards are available upon request for now, but are NOT needed to obtain care or benefits. VCD is moving toward a more green approach to help reduce costs and waste created by paper ID cards. An electronic version of the ID card can be emailed or obtained by the member by logging into their account on www.visioncaredirect.com . Providers can easily access eligibility information by logging onto the web site and searching for the member with member id # or with name and date of birth.

Can a VCD member use their benefit for non-prescription sunglasses if they don’t need glasses?

Yes. Unlike almost every other vision plan VCD allows our members to use their benefit to purchase non-prescription Sunglasses, standard computer wear or upgraded readers.